Benefits of becoming a reseller at Baby USB

BabyUSB Ltd offers our resellers largest range of USB Flash Drives with the best quality. USB memory sticks and USB flash drives we supply are used worldwide already by many of the world’s leading organizations.

usb flash drives

In each country where a reseller is recruited a comprehensive study of the market is carried out assessing the needs of the market as well as the needs of the reseller. Our marketing department then brainstorms the best way to market our products and services in the given domain. BabyUSB Ltd. will then invest heavily in marketing our products and services under your brand or company name in your given area, and will work closely with resellers to ensure they achieve success.

We supply our USB flash drives resellers with:

Unbranded marketing material

High quality stock at short notice

FREE Printing

FREE Engraving

FREE Samples

FREE Mock Up

Founded in 2002, BabyUSB is the oldest supplier of USB Memory sticks and the most well established our technical knowledge of NAND Flash memory along with reliable logistics and support for all our products positions us as the market leader.


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