How Branded USB Drives Helps

Trade exhibitions form an important and often crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, offering an excellent opportunity to promote your company to consumers and businesses alike. A great looking stand that catches people’s attention is the first step – but Branded USB Drives can help you leave lasting impression. By giving potential clients a simple but powerful gift such as a branded USB memory stick with your logo printed or engrave on it, you offer something that will not only reinforce brand loyalty, but is practical and pocket friendly by virtue of it’s size. Branded USB can come preloaded with your company’s marketing material such as contact info, brand awareness, web address, physical address, upcoming promotions and how to get more discounted prices and most importantly your marketing message and all that data will load automatically upon the Branded USB’s insertion into any computer.


And aside from reinforcing your brand message, your potential clients can benefit from the practicality of the device by using it for their own personal storage.

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Marketing With Bespoke USB

Since 2000, is serving its clients with USB based promotional products. Among all the USB based promotional products such as Branded USB, Logo USB, and other products including accessories as well, Bespoke USB drives proved to be one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for many of our clients.

Creating brand awareness among your customers and potential customers could be very 


lucrative and beneficial and nothing could come handier than Bespoke USB drives. With a unique and distinctive shape and tons of pre-loaded data regarding your services products and contact information, you can expect leads turning into sales and when you giveaway bespoke USB drives to your clients and potential customers, you give them something that is comes handy and useful in daily life routine to any age group. Another great advantage that marketing with bespoke USB drives offer is targeting your desired customers, when you intent targeting a group of athletic individuals maybe nothing could make them more happy than a football shaped USB drive and what would you be getting back from them is word of mouth advertisement.

Unlike the old and useless marketing method, marketing with bespoke UBS drives don’t cost you more than a bee sting to your marketing budget.

The procedure of getting Bespoke USB from is very simple:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5


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Marketing Tricks That Helped Our Clients in 2012

With all the happiness and all the success stories, events and memories, 2012 is now over. A very “Happy New Year” to all from Baby USB Ltd.

2012 was exceptionally wonderful for many of our clients; most of our clients recorded 100% increase in sales and turned every lead into sales. The ideas that Baby USB Ltd presented to all our clients helped them saving thousands of dollars and increase the ROI like never before.

Why spend thousands of dollars on print media and digital media, why outsource your marketing to someone who does not care about your business, why pay someone who does not offers you a guaranteed view of your advertisements.

We provided the best range of Branded USB drives that helped company’s save thousands of dollars in 2012 and provided a guaranteed advertisement of their offers, marketing slogans, and company’s name.

Branded USB drives assure a kind of advertisement that no other marketing method can. In 2013, Baby USB is equally dedicated to serve all of our clients with the best range of USB drives and help them increasing their sales with USB based promotional products.


For more information on how branded USB drives can help your marketing campaigns visit our articles All you need is a branded USB drive and Print Media or Promotional Gifts

How Branded USB helps your promotion

Baby USB has been constantly leading the market in supplying the highest quality of USB drives in U.K since last 10 years. Our USB drives helped many mortar and multinational companies creating brand awareness among their customers and potential customers within no time. Our expertise in offering branded USB drives really stands out your competition and takes your company into a new era of marketing and highest level of success.  Below is a short definition of branded USB drives

What are Branded USB drives?

branded usb

We all are aware of USB flash drives; we know what the purpose of USB drives is and where to buy it. But over the last decade, besides being a very useful removable media to store tons of data, USB drives are also used as key marketing tool by many large and small businesses. Branded USB drives carries your logo in it or sometimes your company’s name, and if you want you can print or engrave your companies marketing slogan in it as well. When you organize press events and other events for your business, your attendees would love to have such a device that is really very useful and they would remember your event for a longer time. Now! How does that help your company’s promotion? The first thing is, that branded USB drives carries your company’s logo, name or marketing slogan printed or engraved on it, and the best part and the second thing is, it carries your companies information which could be anything that you want to make visible to each and every possible potential customer of you. It carries your company’s location, email contacts, phone numbers, upcoming products, prices of your products and much more. The last thing that makes branded USB drives an important part of your marketing campaign is that it helps creating an image of your company, an image that reflects a very technically enhanced company which is up to date with all the latest technologies and the whenever the recipient of that branded USB shows it to his or her family, friends or colleagues, it itself creates a word of mouth advertisement.

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Benefits of Branded USB Drives as giveaways

Every new day brings a new challenge for the marketers all around the world to promote their brand or product in such a manner which is cost effective and efficient and which brings leads into sales. For that we’ve seen many companies spending thousands of dollars over hiring sales and marketing teams, teams which came up with a new idea every day but no increase in sales, companies all around the worlds are now looking for an efficient and cost effective form of marketing and advertisement.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve noticed a stunning reputation gained by the companies using “branded USB drives” as their marketing and advertisement tool, companies today, uses branded USB flash drives as free giveaways with preloaded data on it about the company and its contact and other useful information which definitely attracts the recipient of the USB drive. Below we have listed down some of the most useful benefits that are associated with marketing your product with branded USB but before that let us tell you what actually branded USB is: A branded USB is an small storage media that everyone of us is aware of, it is the USB drive customized according to your needs, requirements and product. Branded USB flash drives allows you to print, engrave and custom design a USB flash drive to attract your potential customers towards your product and services that you provide, a branded USB can be customized to any shape from a small football looking USB to your company’s name print or engrave on it.

branded usb

Benefits of Branded USB Drives

  • Advertising with branded USB drives helps your company raising brand awareness among your customers and potential customers.
  • You can leave behind those old and useless forms of advertisement of your new launch or any special edition product or a summer discount offer by just presenting your clients and customers branded USB drives.
  • With branded USB drives you are guaranteed about your advertisement reaching each and every targeted person of you. Your company’s useful contact information and contact info is available in that USB so whenever potential customers of youwould like to get your services won’t have to look here and there for your contact info.
  • The most useful and important benefit of advertisement with branded USB drives can be determine with the fact that everyone of us like to be updated with all latest technologies, when you present your potential customers a branded USB drives they create and image of a company which is updated with all the latest technologies and technically firmed company. is providing the customization services on USB drives since 2002, we offer the most lowest prices with satisfactory customer services. Branded USB drives at are unique in design, our team of creative experts help your brand to reach the new height of success and we provide the best quality of branding with lowest prices, visit our website now to see the full branding options

Bring Revolution into your Promotional tool

Free gifts or promotional giveaways in different events, trade shows and exhibitions are very well documented as a advantage of marketing these days. But when we talk about what gift or a giveaway selection for a targeted and potential audience, then many company’s faces problems and let go their precious opportunity of this effective marketing trick. Over a decade ago, if we talk about promotion and free giveaways the most common things that comes in our minds are pens, bags, mugs, badges, notebooks caps and etc., but the attendees of any event or exhibition in 21st century demands a bit more to district their attention towards your company. If we go through the traditional promotional tools then the only thing that would result is a complete failure to your investment and precious time, for 21st century companies need to look and go further.

Branded usb drives  are one of the increasingly popular and seemingly the most effective promo tool that have been used by many companies over the years, it has revolutionized the promotional gifts industry and added a real and superb class which provides you a guarantee, yes guarantee to be gratefully received by any recipient of any class, one cannot understate the technology that goes inside these little gems, Branded USB drives  are not only an effective  marketing tool but these Promotional USB flash drives comes in a spectacular range of storage capacity. It can almost fit all business and personal specifications; we can say that these Promotional USB flash drives are capable of leaving a top notch mark on both the events field and the widest technology world as whole.

BabyUSB is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of innovative USB based promotional goods. Our branded USB products make superb marketing gifts and offer a practical, stylish way of increasing your company profile. We can supply a wide range of customisable USB goods including memory pens Branded usb drives , MP3/MP4 players, photo frames, USB mice and much more.

custom usb drives

We don’t just provide you this exceptionally wonderful marketing and promotional tool at most competitive cost anywhere in the globe, also assists you with your promotional custom USB drives design. Many mortar companies applied our recommendations and advices of designs that suites their company’s objective and got some real satisfactory results, we don’t just provide you a USB we provide our expert advice and recommendations as to what design would suit your promotional campaign. If you’ve stop underestimating this wonderful marketing tool and decided to start your promotion with these gem in the form USB memory sticks, you can simply request a quote or a call back request here.