Custom Shape USB Guidelines

Custom shape USB is one of the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool in this information age. All you need to do is come up with any idea and turn it into a practical and fully functional promotional USB sticks with your logo, name of any specific message printed or engraved on it. Some additional features include custom data uploading, auto-run, cutomised packaging and more.

Below are some tips for effective marketing with custom shape USB sticks

Print and Engraving

Printing and engraving is one of the essentials of effective marketing with custom shape USB sticks, if you don’t carefully observe this your promotional campaign, then the whole idea could be result as total loss.

  • Follow all the guideline provided by your service provider
  • Make sure that you print your logo with latest technology such as an EPS file instead of JPEG file
  • Choose, whether you need to promote your logo or you name or both
  • If just one from logo and name, then add an attractive and eye catching tagline
  • Make your tagline not more than a few words that are easily readable and understood
  • Do not choose flashy and shooting colors

Custom data uploading

Custom data uploading is the crucial part of advertisement with custom shape USB, if you don’t create and attractive and appealing presentation that is concise and meaningful as well, then marketing with this amazing and useful device is worthless.

  • Make videos, images, or any other presentations that is likely to be watched by your existing and potential customers
  • Make sure that your presentation follows a simple step starting from your introduction and ending at your contact info
  • Add your complete contact information including physical address, social address, telephone numbers, email IDs, and web address
  • You can also add a clearly understood narration describing why to choose your products or services, how you serve better than other providers in the industry
  • The most important thing is to keep it short, concise but informative and appealing


Your custom shape USB structure plays a vital role in your business’s promotion and advertisement. You promotional USB is just another medium of data storage If you don’t pick a design that depict your services or products in a clean and understood manner. Despite of being a personalized and customised design, make sure that your gift offers completely functionality both in terms of data storage and usability.

  • Don’t make it large bulky and messy
  • Make sure that your design is small enough to fit into a pocket or to be attached into a key chain
  • Your custom shape USB has a removable cap, make sure that it separates from the device easily and fits into it easily even after using for a long time.

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Top Selling Promotional USB Drives

Promotional USB Drives

Baby USB Ltd, the leading name in the world of UBS based promotional products have successfully satisfied a number of multinational businesses all around the world by providing the finest selection of promotional USB drives since 2002.

Our USB based promotional gifts are the best and the most inexpensive medium of marketing and advertisement of any local and international business.

Unlike the old and traditional marketing methods, advertising with promotional USB drives is very simple and time saving. All you need to do is giveaway promotional USB with your company’s logo, name or marketing message printed or engraved on it. The most highlighting characteristic of this method of advertising is per-loaded data on it, when the recipient inserts this drive into any computer, a preloaded data which includes promotional videos and images to acknowledge your potential customers how you serve better than the other providers in the market. The pre-loaded data may also include your company’s physical address, web address, telephone numbers and other useful information regarding your business.

Below are the 4 top selling types of Promotional USB drives at Baby USB Ltd

Promotional USB Drives
Promotional USB Drives
Baby Twister
Baby Elaborate
Promotional USB
Promotional USB
Baby Capsule
Baby Impact


Baby Twister   

Baby Twister is among the most demanding and dominant design of USB at Baby USB Ltd. This design is widely used by some of the most well-known businesses in UK and US. The design of Baby Twister features twisting top metallic body attached with the primary plastic body. It also comes in primary metal, wooden body with same twisting metallic top attached on it. The twisting characteristic of this design makes it more elegant and stylish giveaway for any recipient and the above 80 GB of storage capacity makes this drive the most ultimate advertising and marketing solution for you.

Minimum order quantity: 50

Colour: Up to 5 available

Materials: Rubberized Plastic Base, Stainless Steel Swivel Cover

Dimensions (LxWxD) mm: 50 x 16 x 10

Dimensions of Print Area (mm): 25 x 12

Memory Capacity 64 Mb – 4 GB

Branding Options: Pad Printing, Engraving, Pantone Matching

Lead Time: 10 – 14 working days


Baby Elaborate

The long and stylish rectangular design of Baby Elaborate is the perfect choice of a promotional giveaway in corporate events and press events to your most valuable clients on customers. The design features long elegant rectangular shaped USB with a cap on it.

Minimum order quantity: 50

Colour: Up to 5 available

Materials: Plastic

Dimensions (LxWxD) mm: 70 x 19 x 6

Dimensions of Print Area (mm):35 x 12

Memory Capacity64 Mb – 8 GB

Branding Options: Pad Printing, Multicolour, Pantone Matching.

Lead Time: 10 – 14 working days


Baby Capsule

Another elegant and stylish design that made left a long lasting impressions not only among the loyal clients of Baby USB Ltd but also proved to be the most likable USB as a promotional gift for their clients. The Baby Capsule design features rubber and high impact plastic made body in a capsule shape, removable top that is also rubber made. Baby Capsule is undoubtedly the best small promotional giveaway that comes handy for both presenter and the recipient.

Minimum order quantity: 50

Colour: Up to 5 available

Materials: Rubberised High Impact Plastic

Dimensions (LxWxD) mm: 65 x 25 x 9

Dimensions of Print Area (mm):18 x 11

Memory Capacity64 Mb – 4 GB

Branding Option: Pad Printing, Pantone Matching

Lead Time: 10 – 14 working days


Baby Impact

Baby Impact is another most demanding design of promotional USB at Baby USB Ltd. The Baby Impact design is another class apart USB designed by the most expert industry professional to give a neat and elegant touch in a practical USB drive. The Baby Impact design features metallic and plastic body with the storage capacity up to 64 MD to 64 GB and also features all type of branding options including printing, engraving and more. This design is best suited for large and mortar business organizations.

Minimum order quantity: 50

Colour: Up to 5 available

Materials: Brushed Metal Faceplate, High Impact Plastic Body

Dimensions (LxWxD) mm: 65 x 19 x 8

Dimensions of Print Area (mm):40 x 19 Memory Capacity 64 Mb – 8 Gb

Branding Options: Pad Printing, Engraving, Pantone Matching,

Lead Time: 10 – 14 working days

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Baby Impact

Types Of USB Drives At Baby USB Ltd.

Over the last year, our world has seen many different methods and forms of marketing and promotions. From social network advertisement, to television adverts and huge billboards, all of them would cost you a huge marketing budget to make your brand visible and know to your potential customers, targeted audience. But one that that stands apart from all other marketing method which doesn’t cost you as much as other methods does, and that authentic marketing method is promotional giveaways.

When you organize press events, launch shows and other promotional events, treat your attendees with promotional giveaways. But when we say giveaways, make sure that your promotional giveaways are not just for the purpose of making your attendees happy but it also feedbacks your business to get more leads and turns them into sales.

BU Usb BU usb 2 Bu usb 1

USB Drives are the best promotional giveaways in this modern age which not only makes the recipient happy but it also helps your company’s marketing message spread all around your potential customers and generates more brand awareness among your targeted audience. Promotional USB drives comes with your company’s useful information and data preloaded on it, and whenever the recipient of your promotional giveaways bring that to use it will definitely create a word of mouth advertisement for you. All the useful data including list of products, services, new launches, discounted products, contact information and your company’s marketing message will come up automatically upon the insertion of USB drive into any computer.

Bu Usb 3 BU Usb 4

Baby USB Ltd is the most well know supplier of promotional USB drives in UK since 2002. Our extensive range of Promotional USB Drives includes:

  • Branded USB
  • Custom USB
  • Logo USB
  • Bespoke USB

In different material including plastic, rubber, metal and more, extensive range of shapes, sizes and colors available. For more details, visit our website or call us at

For US: +1 (888) 942 9990

For UK: 08448 040061

For France: +33 (0) 6 85 02 38 78

How Branded USB Drives Helps

Trade exhibitions form an important and often crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, offering an excellent opportunity to promote your company to consumers and businesses alike. A great looking stand that catches people’s attention is the first step – but Branded USB Drives can help you leave lasting impression. By giving potential clients a simple but powerful gift such as a branded USB memory stick with your logo printed or engrave on it, you offer something that will not only reinforce brand loyalty, but is practical and pocket friendly by virtue of it’s size. Branded USB can come preloaded with your company’s marketing material such as contact info, brand awareness, web address, physical address, upcoming promotions and how to get more discounted prices and most importantly your marketing message and all that data will load automatically upon the Branded USB’s insertion into any computer.


And aside from reinforcing your brand message, your potential clients can benefit from the practicality of the device by using it for their own personal storage.

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Marketing With Bespoke USB

Since 2000, is serving its clients with USB based promotional products. Among all the USB based promotional products such as Branded USB, Logo USB, and other products including accessories as well, Bespoke USB drives proved to be one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for many of our clients.

Creating brand awareness among your customers and potential customers could be very 


lucrative and beneficial and nothing could come handier than Bespoke USB drives. With a unique and distinctive shape and tons of pre-loaded data regarding your services products and contact information, you can expect leads turning into sales and when you giveaway bespoke USB drives to your clients and potential customers, you give them something that is comes handy and useful in daily life routine to any age group. Another great advantage that marketing with bespoke USB drives offer is targeting your desired customers, when you intent targeting a group of athletic individuals maybe nothing could make them more happy than a football shaped USB drive and what would you be getting back from them is word of mouth advertisement.

Unlike the old and useless marketing method, marketing with bespoke UBS drives don’t cost you more than a bee sting to your marketing budget.

The procedure of getting Bespoke USB from is very simple:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5


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