Taking USB Memory Sticks Into A New Level

Unlike the olden days, today USB drives can come in customized and personalized shapes with your desired print and data on it. Besides storing your precious data, USB memory sticks can help you in many ways such as delivering your desired marketing message to your clients and potential customers and keeping your brand in front of your customers and potential customers by giving it away as a promotional gift in your press events, launch events and other promotional events.

USB Memory Sticks
USB Memory Sticks

Baby USB Ltd. Is the leading supplier of USB memory sticks in UK since 2002, we offer an extensive range of memory sticks with complete personalization and customization options. Our USB memory are not made of any particular material but we offer extensive range of Plastic made USB memory sticks, Metal Made USB memory sticks, Rubber made USB memory sticks, Eco Friendly Wooden made USB memory sticks and more.

USB Memory Sticks

All of the types are available in bulk measure with quick turnaround time all over United Kingdom, United States and other places. We have taken USB memory sticks into a new level of technology and advancement. Shop an extensive range of USB memory sticks now from Babyusb.com.


How Branded USB Drives Helps

Trade exhibitions form an important and often crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, offering an excellent opportunity to promote your company to consumers and businesses alike. A great looking stand that catches people’s attention is the first step – but Branded USB Drives can help you leave lasting impression. By giving potential clients a simple but powerful gift such as a branded USB memory stick with your logo printed or engrave on it, you offer something that will not only reinforce brand loyalty, but is practical and pocket friendly by virtue of it’s size. Branded USB can come preloaded with your company’s marketing material such as contact info, brand awareness, web address, physical address, upcoming promotions and how to get more discounted prices and most importantly your marketing message and all that data will load automatically upon the Branded USB’s insertion into any computer.


And aside from reinforcing your brand message, your potential clients can benefit from the practicality of the device by using it for their own personal storage.

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Things To Consider Before Organizing Corporate Events

Companies and business all around the world organizes press events, product launch, promotional, and corporate events for promotions and marketing. The theory of organizing such events is to create more brand awareness and promote the company’s name, product, services and other any promotions. But if your marketing message or any specific information that you want to deliver to your clients and potential customers is not delivered perfectly and more descriptively then the whole idea would be a complete loss of precious time and thousands of dollars.

To get your message delivered accordingly, you need something that is happily received by any recipient and delivers your message perfectly and it has to be cost effective as well. The best and the most authentic way to do this in this information age is “Branded USB Drives”. Your promotional message cannot be delivered any better than delivering it by the help of USB Drives digitally. Unlike the old and useless giveaways, USB memory sticks are something that is happily received by any recipient and there is no need to discuss about the usability of USB drives in our lives. A branded USB is a best tool for exposing your company’s logo, name and marketing message, when you giveaway USB Drives at your promotional events, you give your attendees something that comes handy in many ways, you are giving them something that reflects how much you care about your clients and how technically advanced and enhanced company you are. With your logo engraved or printed on it, you don’t need your company’s logo to get exposed anymore; every single attendee of your event is exposing your company’s logo every time they used that USB drive to store their files and other information. Branded USB can be preloaded with your company’s information such as your web address, your products, services, locations, telephone numbers and other useful data that you want your clients to give a look at. In this way, every lead would turn into sales and you won’t require spending thousands of dollars on useless promotional campaigns.

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Card USB Drives

Innovation and technology has shrunk all electronics Devices, computers, mobile phones etc.

USB drives have also not been left out in this trend of miniaturization.

They now come in the shape of a credit card with all the features of a normal USB drive compacted in a thin frame that can easily fit in wallet. With capacities up to 32 GB in this new USB card, security of your data cannot be more convenient than this new novelty.

This USB card looks like any other electronic card and only as big and thin as a credit card. It contains a USB connector that is fitted in this USB card. All it takes is a click and the USB connector slides out that can be then plugged into any USB port of laptops and computers.

This slick, tiny storage device can access large amounts of data while saving it in the USB card. Your presentations, music, pictures, documents and everything that is vital to you can effortlessly be transferred to this unique USB card.

USB cards have a lot of advantages; they are thinner and smaller than an average pen drive making it more compact than the later. They have globally accepted applications. These cards consume less power hence making them more desirable than those bulky pen drives that were used earlier. Their size is small and compact allowing greater portability and simplicity in usage. You can carry it along with you where ever you are and keep it with your credit cards and money in your wallet.

This device is more convenient than an average USB drive as it can be used in any computer or notebook. You have added safety to your data when it is carried along with your credit cards in your wallet where the chance of losing it is minimized.

Not only can you carry all your vital documents and presentations in this USB card; you can customize this card with your name or company logo. These are also available in a variety of colors and of your choice. There is this added feature on this card where you can load company information on this card prior to any presentation and then auto run it while presenting. This can enhance your company’s profile when presenting to your clients.

Advantage of a credit card style USB over a standard one is, a full color process print is possible. So in essence one can print a photo onto a USB. This was and in some cases is still not possible with standard USB’s.


Babyusb.com offers a wide variety of Card USB Drives that are light weight and convenient to use as compared to USB flash drives.

Marketing Tricks That Helped Our Clients in 2012

With all the happiness and all the success stories, events and memories, 2012 is now over. A very “Happy New Year” to all from Baby USB Ltd.

2012 was exceptionally wonderful for many of our clients; most of our clients recorded 100% increase in sales and turned every lead into sales. The ideas that Baby USB Ltd presented to all our clients helped them saving thousands of dollars and increase the ROI like never before.

Why spend thousands of dollars on print media and digital media, why outsource your marketing to someone who does not care about your business, why pay someone who does not offers you a guaranteed view of your advertisements.

We provided the best range of Branded USB drives that helped company’s save thousands of dollars in 2012 and provided a guaranteed advertisement of their offers, marketing slogans, and company’s name.

Branded USB drives assure a kind of advertisement that no other marketing method can. In 2013, Baby USB is equally dedicated to serve all of our clients with the best range of USB drives and help them increasing their sales with USB based promotional products.


For more information on how branded USB drives can help your marketing campaigns visit our articles All you need is a branded USB drive and Print Media or Promotional Gifts