Taking USB Memory Sticks Into A New Level

Unlike the olden days, today USB drives can come in customized and personalized shapes with your desired print and data on it. Besides storing your precious data, USB memory sticks can help you in many ways such as delivering your desired marketing message to your clients and potential customers and keeping your brand in front of your customers and potential customers by giving it away as a promotional gift in your press events, launch events and other promotional events.

USB Memory Sticks
USB Memory Sticks

Baby USB Ltd. Is the leading supplier of USB memory sticks in UK since 2002, we offer an extensive range of memory sticks with complete personalization and customization options. Our USB memory are not made of any particular material but we offer extensive range of Plastic made USB memory sticks, Metal Made USB memory sticks, Rubber made USB memory sticks, Eco Friendly Wooden made USB memory sticks and more.

USB Memory Sticks

All of the types are available in bulk measure with quick turnaround time all over United Kingdom, United States and other places. We have taken USB memory sticks into a new level of technology and advancement. Shop an extensive range of USB memory sticks now from Babyusb.com.


Things To Consider Before Organizing Corporate Events

Companies and business all around the world organizes press events, product launch, promotional, and corporate events for promotions and marketing. The theory of organizing such events is to create more brand awareness and promote the company’s name, product, services and other any promotions. But if your marketing message or any specific information that you want to deliver to your clients and potential customers is not delivered perfectly and more descriptively then the whole idea would be a complete loss of precious time and thousands of dollars.

To get your message delivered accordingly, you need something that is happily received by any recipient and delivers your message perfectly and it has to be cost effective as well. The best and the most authentic way to do this in this information age is “Branded USB Drives”. Your promotional message cannot be delivered any better than delivering it by the help of USB Drives digitally. Unlike the old and useless giveaways, USB memory sticks are something that is happily received by any recipient and there is no need to discuss about the usability of USB drives in our lives. A branded USB is a best tool for exposing your company’s logo, name and marketing message, when you giveaway USB Drives at your promotional events, you give your attendees something that comes handy in many ways, you are giving them something that reflects how much you care about your clients and how technically advanced and enhanced company you are. With your logo engraved or printed on it, you don’t need your company’s logo to get exposed anymore; every single attendee of your event is exposing your company’s logo every time they used that USB drive to store their files and other information. Branded USB can be preloaded with your company’s information such as your web address, your products, services, locations, telephone numbers and other useful data that you want your clients to give a look at. In this way, every lead would turn into sales and you won’t require spending thousands of dollars on useless promotional campaigns.

Get your Branded USB Drives from Baby USB Ltd. Deliver your message more effectively with Branded USB Drives.

Our Clients for Branded USB and USB Memory sticks

branded usb

Our Clients for Branded USB and USB Memory sticks.

BabyUSB has consistently led the market in supplying USB based solutions to major companies. To date, some of our clients include well-known brands, blue chip firms, and academic institutions. These include Pfizer, Shell, Ben & Jerry’s, Ginsters and Oxford University.

Our design know-how, attention to detail and sensitivity to client requirements is what distinguishes us from our competitors. This is demonstrated by our ability to consistently deliver across a range of business fields, whether legal, entertainment, banking, retail or pharmaceutical.

For more information regarding Branded USB, Bespoke USB, USB Memory Sticks and Custom USB Flash Drives please call our experienced Sales team.

Bespoke PVC Products at Babyusb.com

The leading and the major supplier, distributor “BabyUSB” has constantly lead the market in supplying the best USB Flash Drives, USB memory sticks, branded USB drives, custom USB with your customized logo on. With a mission to help businesses grow and succeed with own individual and unique identity, we have evolved as a leading supplier of not only USB flash drives but many other promotional products. Our competitive prices on both Promotional USB services and other promotional products kept Baby USB consistently at the top of the chart for supplying promotional goods in the U.K.

Besides USB memory Sticks and Branded USB drives we offer Bespoke PVC products and Sourcing

Bespoke PVC Products

Branded USB

Utilizing the latest technologies, we offer you the fantastic Bespoke PVC products that are both lightweight and durable. Including USB memory sticks, USB memory pen and key rings, we offer a wide and extensive range of PVC products. Whether you are a mortar corporate company, small business we can provide you the right PVC good that helps you leaving a top notch impression. Let’s consider you’re fundraising for charity, then why not try one of our USB wristbands? Whatever your marketing needs are, our bespoke PVC goods will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Visit our website now to discuss how we can help raise your company profile in a practical, cost effective way.


USB Memory Sticks

If you are in a search for a company having expertise in manufacturing and supplying an extra special promotional item that adds an extra touch of wow to your product, then Baby USB is the only place for you to get this done at an affordable price.

How we do that? We help you saving business time and money by our outstanding relations, reputation and outstanding buying power; we help you secure the best deals.Some of the recent types of products we have been asked to source recently include bags, key rings, screen cleaners and pencils.

Visit our website now to discuss how you can use BabyUSB’s expertise to deliver unique promotional products for your business.

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Benefits of becoming a reseller at Baby USB

BabyUSB Ltd offers our resellers largest range of USB Flash Drives with the best quality. USB memory sticks and USB flash drives we supply are used worldwide already by many of the world’s leading organizations.

usb flash drives

In each country where a reseller is recruited a comprehensive study of the market is carried out assessing the needs of the market as well as the needs of the reseller. Our marketing department then brainstorms the best way to market our products and services in the given domain. BabyUSB Ltd. will then invest heavily in marketing our products and services under your brand or company name in your given area, and will work closely with resellers to ensure they achieve success.

We supply our USB flash drives resellers with:

Unbranded marketing material

High quality stock at short notice

FREE Printing

FREE Engraving

FREE Samples

FREE Mock Up

Founded in 2002, BabyUSB is the oldest supplier of USB Memory sticks and the most well established our technical knowledge of NAND Flash memory along with reliable logistics and support for all our products positions us as the market leader.

Branded USB and USB Memory Sticks at babyusb.com

BabyUSB is one of the leading supplier and distributor of USB Flash Drives, USB memory sticks, branded USB flash drives, custom USB with your customize logo on. Customizing your company name on Branded USB and USB Memory sticks enable people to memorize your name for longer period of time. Our mission is to help Businesses Start Grow and Succeed with its own individual identity. So, choose your USB now and customize them at the lowest price. We guarantee the most competitive prices that no one can beat us.

Besides Branded USB and USB memory sticks we also offer some other useful USB products for promotions and marketing.

branded USB

Bespoke USB Flashdrives

Bespoke USB Flash Drive is fully customisable from design and logo, through to memory size, you can take a break from the norm and go for a Bespoke Recycled USB that reflects your unique company identity.

Mini USB Flash Drives

The newest addition to our range of USB’s;“Mini USB Flash Drives”, Mini’s are tiny by size but big in memory capacities starting from 1Gb. Above all they come with a standard 24 month warranty.